GHAMFIN   |   2007
Type: Research Report
Topic: Consumer Finance
Country: Ghana
This report follows closely the format for the two previous GHAMFIN reports on MFIs, with the addition of a chapter that has been added to compare the data for the institutions in the northern half of the country with the national benchmarks, as requested and supported by SPEED Ghana, a GTZ / DANIDA project. The three northern regions are the most deprived and poorest in the country. Only 11 out of the 125 Rural and Community Banks in the country are in these three regions. Chapter 4 of this report deals with outreach performance based on the entire population of MFIs, which supply quarterly outreach data to their apex bodies or to GHAMFIN for aggregation and submission to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. Chapters 5-7 analyse the performance benchmarks for the financial structure and performance, revenues, expenses, efficiencies/productivity and portfolio quality.