Envirofit International, Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (CEESD)   |   2011
Type: Research Report
Topic: Stoves
Country: Ghana
The Clean Development Mechanism is an arrangement under the Kyoto Protocol that bind developed countries to promote investment in developing countries in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By taking advantage of the CDM, a developing country could gain benefits such as transfer of technology and know-how, promotion of foreign direct investment in areas that would not have received support without the CDM, creation of job opportunities and new markets, and strengthening of ties between developed and developing countries. For a project to qualify under the CDM, it must lead to emission reductions, it must promote sustainable development in the beneficiary developing country, and it must lead to technology transfer. Some of the projects that qualify for the CDM are related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Envirofit is a global leader in the development and promotion of efficient charcoal and firewood cookstoves. Established as a U.S. tax-exempt corporation, Envirofit’s mission is to create products that reduce pollution and energy dependency while yielding health, environmental and economic improvements. In order to take advantage of the CDM, Envirofit has partnered CEESD to promote wide dissemination of Envirofit stoves in Ghana.