CARESoil Fertiliser Research Institute (SFRI) Population, Environment and Development Centre (PED)   |   2011
Type: Research Report
Topic: Livelihoods, Stoves
Country: Vietnam
The project intends to test the effects of this biochar technology in practice in two of the upland provinces in northern Vietnam. 450 poor families selected for participation in the pilot project will benefit immediately and directly in terms of fuel-wood savings, reduced time spent on wood collection, improved health and increased agricultural production. Further, in close cooperation with Women’s Union, Farmers’ Union and the Government extension system in the respective provinces, the project will disseminate learning from the project based on tests of the effects of the biochar stove, the enrichment potentials of the biochar and the potential for replication and up-scaling in other areas. The project seeks to build a foundation for large-scale introduction of the biochar stove-cum-soil enrichment technology in poor rural upland areas of Vietnam. The project will thus contribute to national policies of poverty reduction, deforestation and rural development.