SNV   |   2011
Type: Research Report
Topic: Fuels, Market Assessments
Country: Rwanda
Rwanda is faced with the serious challenge of using biomass more efficiently. The 2008 wood supply deficit was 61% and in the baseline scenario, with no intervention, the deficit is projected to increase to 78% by 2020. This takes into consideration population projections and the population’s preferences for different fuels and different stoves. As urbanization increases, more people will switch to using charcoal. This level of wood supply deficit is not sustainable. Two sectors where there can be a significant amount of progress made in improving biomass usage efficiency are the charcoal value chain (CVC) and the improved cookstoves value chain (ICS VC). This report serves to provide information about the two sectors relevant to SNV to position itself. It does not intend to provide in-depth and comprehensive sector assessments.