Dawit Diriba Guta   |   2012
Type: Research Report
Topic: Environment/Climate
Country: Ethiopia
In recent years, there has been renewed interest on renewable biomass based energies. This is due to growing environmental benign, energy security concern and spiraling price of fossil fuel. In the case of poor economies like Ethiopia quality of life and energy consumption are tidily conjoined. This article assessed biomass fuel resource potential of Ethiopia and also investigated strategies for its modern utilization, with particular emphasis on sourcing options for cleaner energies. With proper sourcing strategies, biomass supplies green and cleaner renewable energy for wider human, industrial and transportation services. There is, however, no systematic study on strategies for efficient use of biomass fuel resource in Ethiopia. Abundant and untapped availability, user as well as environmental friendliness, applicability for wider fuel need purposes, competitiveness in terms of cost of production, its rural poverty linkages and multitude of other factors make biomass based fuels prior energy source of Ethiopia. Hence, innovative investment on renewable biomass based fuels (e.g. biogas, bioethanol and biodiesel) and broad distribution of improved fuel stove technologies to rural and urban households, as well as energy conservation technologies for industries and service sector should be promising areas for policies targeting green growth. Hence, developing appropriate institutions and technologies for renewable energies sourcing from biomass is invaluable.