European Union Energy Initiative (on behalf of: Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources)   |   2009
Type: Research Report
Topic: Fuels, Market Assessments
Country: Rwanda
This Chapter addresses biomass energy issues in rural areas. Although the focus of the BEST is on the commercial aspects of biomass (purchased firewood and charcoal in urban areas), it is important to also look at rural aspects: the majority of Rwandans live in rural areas and in addition, they supply over 80% of the energy used in urban areas. If there is a problem with the supply or use of energy in rural areas, this may have implications for the energy situation in urban areas. Since there are quite a few unknown aspects of rural energy, MININFRA decided to carry out a rural energy survey. This survey consisted of 3000 interviews of randomly chosen rural households, 100 in each district1, as well as focus group discussions in each district. The results of these data collection efforts are presented below.