Type: Progress Report
Country: Global
During this past year the Alliance and our partners have made great strides in developing a market for clean cooking solutions. The Alliance’s 2012 annual results report shows a record number of clean cookstoves in the market, with 9.6 million clean cookstoves manufactured in the past year – a doubling of previous figures. This market growth is particularly critical and timely given the grim statistics released by the research community last year in the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010: the 4 million premature deaths caused by illnesses and injuries associated with household air pollution. This doubling of the previously estimated mortality figures sent shockwaves through the clean cooking sector and the development community alike. Only high blood pressure, alcohol, and tobacco claim more lives worldwide. The GBD study highlighted the magnitude of the challenges we face, but simultaneously presented an opportunity for the Alliance, its partners, and the broader sector to redouble our resolve and ongoing efforts to build a world in which cooking does not kill.