Health Effects Institute   |   2010
Type: Research Report
Topic: Environment/Climate, Health
Country: China
The current report is the second PAPA literature review, Outdoor Air Pollution and Health in Developing Countries of Asia: A Comprehensive Review (HEI Special Report 18). It begins with a broad overview of the status of and trends in air pollution sources, emissions, concentrations, and exposures in the developing countries of Asia, as well as factors related to urban development, population health, and public policy that set the context for the health effects of air pollution. Next, the review describes the current scope of the Asian literature on the health effects of outdoor air pollution, enumerating and classifying more than 400 studies identified through 2007 via HEI’s Web-based Public Health and Air Pollution in Asia — Science Access on the Net (PAPA–SAN) literature survey (HEI 2006). The review concludes with a discussion that places the Asian health effects studies in the context of the worldwide literature, identifies gaps in knowledge, and recommends approaches by which to address them.