Kirk R. Smith, Karabi Dutta, Chaya Chengappa, P.P.S. Gusain, Omar Masera, Victor Berrueta, Rufus Edwards, Rob Bailis, Kyra Naumoff Shields   |   2007
Type: Research Report
Topic: Health
Country: Global
This is a landmark report making a bridge between new scientific knowledge justifying action on SLCFs and practical measures that can be taken by countries to reduce the burden of air pollution and climate change on their sustainable development. This report identifies priority areas and sectors for action in each region with the indicative costs and benefits. It also describes the many fora where fast action could occur—regional and national air quality agreements being a case in point. This report also outlines the important role of action at the global scale and the enabling actions that could facilitate and speed up implementation of SLCF measures.