The World Bank, The Environment Department (Climate Change)   |   2011
Type: Research Report
Topic: Environment/Climate
Country: Global
Household Cookstoves, Environment, Health, and Climate Change: A New Look at an Old Problem takes stock of our collective knowledge of actions and opportunities centered on clean stoves. The report not only examines the lessons learned in specific stove campaigns; it builds the case for a multisectoral approach to understand the effects of stove policies and programs. After reviewing the state of cookstove research and action, the report takes a welcome and much needed look at the potential “game changers” associated with cookstoves. It examines opportunities for technology development, leading to the availability of “advanced” biomass stoves; new sources and mechanisms of financing, including those linked to climate change; and the formation of new international coalitions and partnerships like the GACC. Based on these assessments, the report makes a compelling case for the WBG’s re-engagement in the development community on many dimensions of a field that can benefit most from the reach, lessons sharing, and practical focus that a multinational development agency can offer.