E+Carbon, The Gold Standard, Toyola Energy Limited (TEL), Ghana   |   2009
Type: Research Report
Topic: Livelihoods
Country: Ghana
The project described here will reduce greenhouse emissions by disseminating fuel-efficient charcoal stoves. The project is based on pilot work by Toyola Energy Limited (TEL), Ghana. TEL was established in 2003. It is owned and managed by highly educated and trained entrepreneurs. TEL was part of 50 informal metal artisans selected and trained by EnterpriseWorks Worldwide to fabricate the “GYAPA” charcoal efficient cook stoves. More recently, TEL renamed their product. Toyola’s stove is now marketed and sold under the name “Toyola Coalpot”, which is the stove being introduced in this project. The stove also has several differentiating design features from the original GYAPA that allow it to be uniquely identified in the field. See annex 4 for specific design features that allow the stoves to be uniquely identified.