Focus group

Realizing a thriving global market for cleaner cookstoves and fuels requires that businesses, donors, and potential investors have the information and data they need to make informed decisions about entering and operating in local cookstove and fuels markets. 

The Alliance’s market assessments provide an overview of the clean cookstove and fuel sector within a given country, including:

  • potential size of the clean cookstove and fuels market
  • state of the local market, including key stakeholders, industry leaders, and policy environment
  • local fuel usage trends and cooking habits
  • current health, social and environmental impacts

The assessments also outline suggestions for removing market barriers preventing the growth of a thriving market for clean cooking solutions.

Collecting wood and straw takes time and effort. My dream stove uses a fuel that saves me time.(China)

The Alliance’s consumer research provides a deeper look at potential consumers of cleaner stoves and fuels within a given country.  These studies provide detailed information on consumer needs and preferences including cooking habits, purchasing trends, fuel costs, cultural barriers, and adoption practices.  This information is critical to ensuring that products meet users’ needs and that distribution and marketing strategies are effective.

The goal of each study is to:

  • identify potential early adopter segments
  • provide actionable insights  around key demand related drivers for each segment that can be integrated into stove and project design, distribution and consumer financing models, including:
    •  effective messaging and marketing techniques,
    • stove and fuel preferences
    • desired product features
    • price points and interest in financing,
    • currently accessed distribution channels
    • awareness levels and attitudes around cleaner cooking technologies

The Alliance uses this research in designing its own activities, including targeted awareness raising campaigns, and provides it as an open source resource so that its partners and those interested in the clean cookstoves and fuels market can use it in planning and enhancing their efforts.