Closed: Jul 01,2018
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About the Awards

The Climate and Clean Air Awards are given annually to recognize exceptional contributions and actions taken by individuals or groups to reduce short-lived climate pollutants. This can include transformative or innovative actions to reduce black carbon and methane emissions from household energy, transportation, municipal solid waste, the brick sector and other combustion industries, agriculture and the oil and gas industry; or to replace hydrofluorocarbons used in cooling and refrigeration.

The awards aim to:

  • Reward leadership toward achieving the goals of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition
  • Recognise best practice, policies and innovations that reduce short-lived climate pollutants at the local, national, regional or global scale
  • Support networking and the exchange of ideas​

​​​Who Should Apply

The Awards focus on actions that produce results for the climate and sustainable development. Any individual, city, subnational government, national government or private entity taking decisive action on short-lived climate pollutants is encouraged to apply.

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