Closed: Apr 12,2018
Type: non-alliance

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will open a new round of funding as part of the Business Partnerships Program, focused solely on ideas supporting economic and social development in India.

India is one of Australia’s most important international partnerships, with Australia and India enjoying strong political, economic and community ties. In order to help unlock economic opportunities for Australia and India, the Business Partnerships Platform India Window will help identify and support scalable shared value partnerships that can contribute to India’s economic growth and address development challenges. The BPP India Window complements the Australian Government’s India Economic Strategy.

The India window will seek applications in the following sectors: 

  • Agribusiness;
  • Energy and resources (including water); and
  • Health. 

 General Eligibility  

  1.  Applications to the India Window 2018 are open to Australian, Indian and other organisations either undertaking, or looking to undertake, activities of a commercial nature in India. These may be businesses, NGOs/NFPs, or other types of organisations or consortia.  
  2. Applicants must contribute at least 50 per cent of proposed implementation costs (including both cash and inkind contributions). 
  3. Applicants may request funds from DFAT of between AUD250,000 and AUD500,000 only (for each application).
  4. Applicants must specify an implementation period (and contract period) of one to two years.
  5. Organisations submitting applications must not have any reason preventing them from operating in India.
  6. Applications are to be made by established organisations that meet (or are able to meet) the requirements of DFAT’s due diligence process, including: Registration with a business or other recognised registration/accreditation body; established financial history; not listed on World Bank, Asian Development Bank or Attorney General sanctions lists; other background criminal and reputational checks. 
  7. Organisations should note that individuals with conflicting commitments, or who are current or recent DFAT employees, should not be included in the application. This includes individuals who may be engaged by the applicant if selected through the assessment process described in this guideline.  DFAT may reject any application which does not disclose the fact that a proposed team member has an existing and continuing commitment to another DFAT-funded project or activity. A ‘recent DFAT employee’ means a person who was previously employed by DFAT, whose employment ceased within the last nine months and who was substantially involved in the design, preparation, appraisal, review and/or daily management of the program to which this grant program relates.  
  8. Applicants must demonstrate their proposal aligns to the four key selection criteria (partnership, social impact, gender equality and commercial viability). Further information on these criteria is provided later in this document. 
  9. Applications must align to at least one of the three BPP India Window 2018 priority sectors: agribusiness, energy and resources (including water) and health. 

 To learn more about this funding opportunity, visit their website