Closed: Feb 05,2018
Type: non-alliance

The second window of the Catalyst Fund for Impact Measurement - Africa will support practitioners developing analytical approaches, testing technologies or methodologies, and developing case studies or resource guides. Specifically, proposals can focus in these areas: 

  • Focus on tools, methods, analytical approaches, etc. that will be useful for the broader field

  • Jump-start impact measurement within an organization, and provide some catalytic funding to launch or add rigor to a measurement approach that will continue post-project

  • Incorporate collaboration, sharing lessons with the field, and disseminating results for field building

  • May be consultant or researcher led, but must include significant active collaboration with or participation from practitioners, including impact investors, capacity development providers, or small and growing businesses

  • We also encourage projects that engage the Metrics Learning Labs or build from conversations started there.

ANDE seeks to fund approximately three proposals through this RFP and projects can be up to 12 months with a maximum request of USD 30,000.

​Proposals are due 5 Feb, 2018.