Closed: Jul 31,2017
Type: partner

ENEA has created the pro-bono ENEA Access Program as part of its business model in a committed effort to contribute to access to energy in developing countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa . This program aims to support social entrepreneurs and development organizations who work on the field to improve energy access. Last January, they launched their 1st Call for Projects 2017 and selected 3 project developers to benefit from their support through our ENEA Access program. To learn more about the projects selected as well as previous examples of projects ENEA has supported through its pro-bono program, visit their project portfolio here

ENEA is now launching their 2nd Call for Projects of the year and will select 3 more project developers to benefit from the ENEA Access program. The selected projects will receive 30 to 100 days of pro-bono consulting services . In return, fixed costs associated with field trips will be at the expense of the project developer. Depending on the maturity and the needs of a project, here are some of the issues ENEA can help with:

  • Realization of feasibility studies, market studies and technology benchmarks to precise your project design
  • Analysis and business models / business plans construction to define your positioning
  • Support in pilot projects implementation to test your solution in real conditions
  • Strategy definition, realization of techno-economic analyses, process management, partners identification toscale-up your solution / business model
  • Environmental and socio-economic impacts evaluation to add value to your project with potential donors


To access more information about the opportunity and the application, please visit: