The Alliance provides grants for research, capacity building, training, entrepreneur support, in-country alliances...

and other initiatives that help advance and catalyze the clean cookstoves and fuels sector consistent with its 10-year Strategic Road Map. To ensure that the Alliance funds high-quality proposals selected from a range of potential applicants, Secretariat-funded projects typically include a competitive peer-reviewed selection process, although a limited set of sole-source and catalytic small grants may be awarded without external review.

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Fund Type

Closing: Feb 28,2015
Type: partner

The VV GROW Fellowship Program, a one-year competitive program to support growth-oriented women business owners to take their businesses and leadership to the next level.
Closing: Mar 13,2015
Type: alliance

The Alliance is looking for a consultant to develop an in-depth long term business plan with three (3) Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers.
Closing: Mar 31,2015
Type: partner

The two thematic priorities of this competition are: affordable energy and water solutions, and economic governance and employment.
Closing: Mar 31,2015
Type: partner

SEED has just launched the 2015 SEED Awards for innovative start-up enterprises that aim to generate environmental, social and economic benefits at the local level.
Closing: May 01,2015
Type: non-alliance

Bangladesh: The purpose of this consultancy is to work with the Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) Technical Committee to provide technical support for the implementation of the Household Energy component of the RERED II program and support the development of a Dhaka-based lab.