February 12, 2014
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Sankalp Forum, one of the world's largest SME-focused platforms, is expanding to Africa. Sankalp was first initiated in India, and since 2009 has connected over 900 SMEs to 300 investors and spurred investments of over US$ 120 million into 40+ SMEs. The Sankalp Africa Summit 2014 will be held in Nairobi, Kenya on February 12 – 13, 2014 and will convene over 350 SMEs, investors, service providers, industry networks, policy makers and academia from Africa, US, Europe and India.

The Alliance is co-sponsoring a roundtable with GSBI on Thursday, February 13 at 1:30pm (13:30) titled: Social Entrepreneurs: Share your needs to build your business. Please join us!

Alliance members can receive a 50% discount on tickets to the entire Forum. Please email us at investment@cleancookstoves.org for the discount code and for more information about the Alliance's participation in the Forum.

To see the online agenda, click here: http://www.sankalpforum.com/africa/events/summit-2014/agenda/

To download a PDF of the agenda, click here: http://www.cleancookstoves.org/resources_files/sanklap-forum-africa-2014-agenda.pdf