July 09, 2013
Location: Antigua, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Government of Guatemala, invites you to participate in a Guatemala stakeholder consultation and strategic planning workshop on July 9-10, 2013 in Antigua, Guatemala (venue to be determined). The workshop will be conducted in Spanish with simultaneous translation.

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is an innovative public-private partnership comprised of nearly 700 partners working together to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, and protect the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean cooking solutions. The Alliance is working closely with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the lead agency in the energy sector in Guatemala. The recently passed Energy Policy 2013-2027, developed by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, includes goals of reducing the use of firewood in the country.

The Guatemala stakeholder consultation is an important step in a broader process currently undertaken by the Alliance Secretariat to convene partners and other key stakeholders in order to:

•    Discuss the state of the energy sector in Guatemala as identified through a market assessment currently in process;
•    Understand Guatemala’s Energy Policy 2013-2023 and the immediate objectives of the Ministry of Energy and Mines;
•    Identify key barriers and intervention options that would help the clean cookstove market reach scale in Guatemala; and
•    Understand the potential unique role the Alliance can play as a coordinated, cohesive global network of partners working under the same strategic vision, and explore if the Alliance Secretariat can play a specific value-added role.

In order to conduct an effective and manageable workshop, it is likely that we will only be able to accept one representative per organization. The participant should be a senior level staff person able to make decisions on behalf of the organization and should have firm knowledge of the organization’s work on cookstoves, fuels, or related sectors. Please see the attached concept note for additional information.

Please RSVP to info@cleancookstoves.org. An agenda will be shared with all registered participants in the coming weeks.