July 22, 2013
Location: Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA

“Great stoves that meet the Global Alliance recommendations for affordable, clean, efficient, and safe cooking"

July 22-26, 2013 at the Aprovecho four acre campus in Cottage Grove, Oregon (Fly to Eugene and we’ll pick you up.)

Co-hosted by InStove, Dr. TLUD (Paul Anderson), and Aprovecho Research Center

Contact Mike Hatfield for local info and reservations (541 767-0287): apromike@gmail.com

This summer’s stove camp will focus on the design and delivery of stoves that meet the IWA standards being established with help from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. We will be testing stoves featuring institutional, TLUD, fan stoves, etc. and gaining hands on experience with the various tiers of performance. We will explore the holistic considerations for producers interested in building/selling health protecting stoves.

The InStove team will demonstrate their (Stove-Factory-in-a-Box) production methodology, and conduct workshops on adapting this “flatpack” method for local manufacturing of institutional and household stoves. InStove will lead workshops on improving stove safety, briquette making presses, autoclaves for hospitals, and water purification systems.

Dr. Paul Anderson “Dr. TLUD” will host intensive seminars on TLUD (Top-Lit Up-Draft) stoves and demonstrate the state of the art of this clean cooking technology. TLUDs are recording some impressive results in the stove world. Come and learn how to make great TLUDs.  Make some bio-char!

The team from Aprovecho will lead the emissions and fuel use testing with lots of opportunities for stove developers to conduct emissions testing “under the hood”, in the test kitchen, and in simulated field conditions. ARC staff will show how they tune stoves to make less CO and PM and use less fuel.

The week long Summer Stove Camp 2013 costs $300 which includes camping on our lovely campus. Walk to nearby restaurants or cook using various improved stoves. Two parties with music under the stars and fancy donuts and coffee are included.  The Aprovecho band CoGro will rock the evening.

Win the $500 best TLUD prize (most votes from participants)! Let's make Dr. Kirk Smith happy and create super clean $5 stoves.