August 17 - 20, 2017
Location: 79099 Hwy 99N Cottage Grove, Oregon
Country: United States

InStove & burn Design Lab present


Household Energy and Renewable Technology for Humanity

InStove launched the Stove Summit in 2016 to bring together organizations who work with technology in community-based development. It is a place for donors and aligned nonprofits to find each other; for students to connect their studies and inventions to real opportunities; for volunteers to ignite their passion; and a place for researchers, program officers and professionals to exchange experiences; and a place where everyone can learn from each other.

This year, InStove and partners decided to broaden the focus beyond cookstoves. In recognition of the larger international development context, and the work being done (by Pacific northwest non-profits in particular), Stove Summit has become HEARTH: Household Energy And Renewable Technology for Humanity conference. This year's HEARTH event will convene at the InStove campus in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Oregon is home to many nonprofits and foundations that support aid, relief, and development. It’s the home of innovative companies that develop basic-needs solutions. It’s home to vibrant universities that connect students to humanitarian work. And at the intersection of it all, Cottage Grove has been a cluster for clean cookstove innovation since the movement was born right here 40 years ago.

HEARTH is a place where the community can come together to learn, share, celebrate, collaborate, connect—and even camp—on our campus in picturesque Lane County on the banks of the Coast Fork Willamette River.

For more information, please contact Adam Creighton at (541) 942-9519 or Learn more and register for the event at