January 31 - 03, 2017
Location: Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA

The Clean Stove Upgrade Seminar is intended to improve the IWA Tier scores of brought stoves. We will have lectures in the mornings and then the staff (plus two highly trained fabricators) will work with participants and rebuild their stoves to upgrade performance. The two emission hoods will quantify improvements.

We will have a full array of inexpensive stove parts available such as combustion chambers, cast iron tops, insulation, pot skirts, stove bodies, Venturi mixers, stationary swirl generators, primary air controls, etc. for both Rocket stoves and TLUDS. 

The intention is to help participants move their stoves into Categories 3-4 on as many of the nine IWA metrics as possible. Both baseline and improved test scores will be generated. Improved stoves accompany participants as they return to their projects.

The Clean Stove Upgrade Seminar costs $500 which includes meals in the cafeteria.  Limited (and lovely) cabin space is available at the campus. Camping is available in the gymnasium. Many hotels are located in Cottage Grove, 8 miles from ARC.

Conference logistics will soon be available on the ARC website at http://www.aprovecho.org along with other important details.