February 29 - 02, 2016
Location: Hebei Province, China
Country: China

The U.S. EPA and Winrock International and the Alliance are holding the next in its series of study tours to showcase examples of high quality manufacturing and distribution processes for cookstoves and fuels. The first two study tours focused on identifying and employing uniform, cost-saving manufacturing processes and equipment to produce quality stoves at scale.

The focus of this third study tour, which is being organized jointly with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, is production and distribution of biomass pellets used as fuel for household cooking and heating stoves. The study tours provide a great opportunity for regional and global participants to share knowledge and best practices to improve the quality, adoption, and scale of their work.

This 3 day study tour will take place in China’s Hebei Province (~3 hours outside Beijing), the week of February 29, 2016. It is intended for individuals from organizations that are manufacturing and/or distributing pellets for (primarily household level) cooking or heating stoves. The full agenda is not yet available, but study tour field visits may include the following: pellet (and possibly stove) production facilities, feedstock sites, R&D and testing facilities, examples of marketing and promotional activities, and user home visits. 

At the end of the study tour, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and employ uniform and cost-saving manufacturing processes and equipment to improve the quality of their pellets and/or pellet stoves.
  • Recognize and better understand supply chains, logistics, and feedstock management issues and best practices.
  • Implement new approaches for marketing, promotion and after-sales service.

Selection Criteria for Study Tour – Participants must:

  • Be a Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves partner.
  • Currently manufacture and/or distribute pellets or pellet stoves, or have immediate plans to manufacture or distribute (outside Europe/US). Please be prepared to provide results of current work and/or specific future plans.
  • Be willing to complete an organizational action plan, submit a study tour evaluation and 6-month follow up report, and give a country network presentation or submit an article highlighting experience gained from the study tour.

In the event there are more applicants who fit the above criteria than space allows, priority will be given for:

  • Groups that have participated in past U.S. EPA/Winrock or Global Alliance for Clean Cookstove sponsored events and activities (bi-annual forum, capacity building workshops, regional alliances, webinars).
  • Pellet producers and distributors (over stove producers and distributors).
  • Pellet producers who already producing pellets at scale, or those with a longer history of pellet production.

The application process is now closed.