October 06 - 07, 2015
Location: Ebonyi State
Country: Nigeria

This year, the International conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ICESD 2015) Theme is; Emerging Trends in Education for Sustainable Development in Developing Countries – Vision 2025.

The conference aims to provide a forum to researchers, practitioners, educators, entrepreneurs, representatives of industries, Educational Research Institutes across Developing Nations, and scholars in Education sector for sharing their research findings and experiences on various aspects of education, including recent trends, issues, and challenges. Our goal is to provide an international setting for analysis and reflection of emerging issues related to education. The conference seeks to discuss the current benchmark of Education in Developing Countries and possibly suggests way forward. We welcome submissions which seek to understand the interaction and interconnection between the concepts of education for sustainable education in developing countries. Papers, presentations, workshops and panels are invited on issues related to the conference theme.

The ICESD 2015 is organized by the International Educational Leadership and Research Team and sponsored by Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial Research

More information about the event and registration information can be found here