August 26, 2015
Location: Online Webinar

A Solar Cookers International Webinar
Aid agencies, project managers, and consumers need information to select appropriate solar cookers….  
At the 5th Solar Cookers International (SCI) Convention 2014, members of the solar cooking sector requested that SCI create a consumer certification for solar cookers.
During this webinar, SCI’s research team from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California, USA will present findings from their feasibility study for testing for solar cooker consumer certification.
Topics discussed will include: 

  • What tests will be used?  
  • What is a sustainable funding model?  
  • Collaborate with other sectors and testing centers, or create a unique one for solar cooking? 
  • How to make this information accessible to consumers? 
  • How to account for cultural variations?

At the end of the interactive webinar, there will be an opportunity for participants to provide input.

Wednesday, August 26th at 8 am PDT/ 11 AM EDT/ 3 PM GMT

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