June 10 - 12, 2015
Location: Matam, Conakry
Country: Guinea

Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers (ENAM) de Conakry
Matam, Conakry (Republic of Guinea)

In Lower Guinea, the Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) project aims to improve conditions of Guinean households in 8 prefectures and fight against global warming and deforestation by promoting the use of efficient cook stoves. The project intends to consolidate a sustainable economic sector of efficient cook stoves, including production and commercialization. Moreover, project proponents (Coopération Atlantique-Guinée 44, Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil (BISS) and APEK-Agriculture) carry on ICS promotion and natural resources management awareness-making campaigns.

On June 10-11 2015, a national forum will take place in Conakry, standing as a contribution to the COP 21 framework. It will gather national authorities (Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Decentralization, among others), NGOs, and local authorities included in the project boundary. It may be the first step of a partnership agreement with the Ministries of Energy, Water and Forests, Environment, leading to a national strategy enhancing ICS dissemination across the country.

This conference aims to, on one hand, share information about benefits of clean cookstoves and type of projects which can be launched in West Africa countries; and on the other hand, completing and improving an advocacy document for clean cookstoves use with all the stakeholders in small workshops.

Questions or interested in participating?

Please contact Marion Dorel, Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil (BISS)