June 24, 2015
Location: Nairobi
Country: Kenya


If you are interested in “hardware led” social & environmental innovation, consider attending the ASME innovation showcase in Nairobi on June 24th. The ASME ISHOW is hosting its inaugural competition in Kenya with an impressive group of social entrepreneurs competing for a share of $50,000 in cash prizes and technical assistance. The ISHOW is a competition, demo day and networking reception. View finalists and register to attend at www.thisishardware.org.  For more information on companies pitching contact scottp@asme.org.

The ISHOW is a global competition for “hardware led” social & environmental innovation with events in India, USA and Kenya. Globally, innovators taking physical products to market are competing for $500,000 in cash prizes and technical assistance (this includes a design and engineering review created specifically for hardware led social innovators delivered by industry experts convened by ASME).

See www.thisishardware.org for more information.