June 04, 2015
Location: Brussels
Country: Belgium

EU Development Days in Brussels

Practical Action is hosting a panel on “Cooking on gas: Can fossil fuels saves lives and halt deforestation?”. This panel will discuss the first carbon credit project in Sudan and the first to be gold standard accredited. Practical Action, Women’s Development Association Network of Darfur and Carbon Clear are working together to improve the livelihoods of 15,000 poor families by switching their cooking fuel from wood or charcoal to liquid petroleum gas (LPG), a cleaner and cheaper fuel.

The project raises awareness in the community of the danger to health of indoor smoke from cooking on wood or charcoal and the negative impact on the environment from cutting wood for fuel. As a result, destruction of local forests has declined by 80 kg of wood per household per month leading to a carbon reduction of 300,000 tonnes. Phase 1 of the project distributed 7,000 stoves with a final target of 10,000 and phase 2 aims to include a further 6,000 to 8,000. LPG cook stoves are distributed through a revolving fund of micro loans to pay for the stove and initial fuel supply.