June 09, 2015
Location: London
Country: England

The Business of Energy: Enterprising solutions to the energy access challenge

Across the developing world, enterprising businesses are innovating with technology, marketing and business models to bring clean, safe energy to millions. But how realistic is it to expect the private sector to solve the poor’s energy needs? What role do social enterprises play? And where do governments’ responsibilities lie?

Don’t miss your opportunity for an update on the cutting edge of sustainable energy. Hear from some of the leading experts in the field and some of Ashden’s 2015 finalists discussing how the communities they are working with are benefiting from clean energy:

  • A young solar company bringing prosperity to Costa Rican dairy farmers.
  • A cookstoves company offering women opportunities to engage in economic life.
  • A pioneering micro-hydro scheme bringing new life and thriving businesses to remote villages in Northern Pakistan.
  • A partnership of development banks driving the growth of low-carbon housing in Mexico.
  • A cleantech company using smart technology to make micro-grids commercially viable in remote off-grid communities.

Tuesday 9 June,
10am – 4.30pm
Kings Place, London

Across the developing world, enterprising businesses and social enterprises are bringing clean energy to millions. But are there limits to their ability to meet the poor’s energy needs? Hear about the work of some of Ashden’s most exciting international finalists and join the debate. Find out more here, and book here.