April 24 - 26, 2015
Location: Langfang City, Hebei Province
Country: China


The 9th China Clean Stoves Expo will be hosted by the China Association of Rural Energy Industry (CAREI) at the Langfang International Exhibition Center at Langfang City from April 24-26 2015. For more information and registration please contact China Alliance directly.

The 9th China Clean Stoves Expo
2015 Workshop for Industry of Clean Stove and Biomass Briquette
24-26, April 2015
Langfang International Exhibition Center
Langfang City, Hebei Province, China

I. Organizations

1. Sponsor
China Association of Rural Energy Industry (CAREI)

2. Organizer
China Stove Website

II. Activities

1. Agenda
- April 24: Hold workshop
- April 25: Hold the 9th Clean Stove Expo and exhibit the stoves
- April 26: Exhibit the stoves.

2. Theme
Clean production. Clean products. Clean air

3. Overview
Since the 1st expo held in 2007, China Clean Stove Expo has played an important role in promoting the development of stove industry, technology innovation and expanding the influence. Currently the Expo has become the most professional stove exhibition with biggest scale, most product types and attendees. Themed by Clean Production, Clean Products, Clean Air, the 9th Expo has attracted over 100 enterprises to attend. The exhibition area reaches 20,000m2.

4. Products category
a) Cookstoves, combined cooking and heating stoves, heating radiant stoves, water heating stove, etc.
b) Small type boilers and atmospheric hot water boilers, institutional boilers and stoves, coal/ biomass/ gas/ electric boilers, hot air furnaces, drying ovens, etc.
c) Floor heating stoves and boilers, materials and accessories, etc.
d) Fireplaces, radiator, biomass air conditioner, heat exchanger, solar cooker, etc.
e) Stove production line and processing equipments.
f) Equipments and accessories for water heating system including meter, valve, pipe, thermal isolation material, etc
g) Equipments for desulphurization and dust removal for boilers, pump, accessories, etc.
h) Biomass briquettes-making machines, biomass pellets-making machines, and related equipments.
i) Clean coal briquettes-making machines equipments.

5. Products demonstration
The operation of stoves, boilers and briquettes-making machines will be demonstrated in the specific zone outside the exhibition hall.

III. Other simultaneous activities
a) 2015 Development Forum for Energy Conservation and Environmental Friendly Stove Industry.
b) 2015 Recommended Product Launch of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Friendly Stoves.
c) The 1st China Stove Design Competition Award.
d) The 1st National Excellent Distributor Awards Ceremony.
e) The 9th China Energy-saving Stoves Expo Award.

IV. Participants
Stove manufacturers, boiler manufacturers, accessory manufacturers, briquette production enterprises, distributors, agents, investors, rural energy office, government departments, industry associations, research institutions and universities will attend the expo.

V. Notes
You are welcome to attend the Expo. Please feel free to contact us. It’s free to attend the Forum. Participants need pay for their own transportation, food, and hotel.

Ⅵ. Time agenda
April 23 to 24: Exhibitors’ registration and arrangement
April 24: Industry forum, dinner reception
April 25: Expo opening ceremony, awards, product exhibitions and presentations
April 26: Product exhibitions and presentation in the morning, product dismantling in the afternoon

Ⅶ. Contact information
Tel:+86-57394008  +86-18610534431
Contact person: Mr. Zhang Yue
E-mail: chinacleanstove@126.com
Expo Website: http://expo.chinaluju.com/

For more information and registration please contact China Alliance directly.
Official Site - China Association of Rural Energy Industry (CAREI) (English)