May 26 - 28, 2015
Location: Barcelona
Country: Spain


Carbon Expo now in its 12th edition, hosted annually since 2004, has been established as the world's largest multi-sectoral climate finance and carbon market Conference and Trade Fair. With the evolution of the carbon markets over the years, it has become the leading platform for progressive businesses, finance and governments, facilitating innovation, promoting enhanced understanding of new policy instruments and identifying ways to access and leverage climate finance, especially between countries facing comparable challenges.

Carbon Expo 2015 will be organized in three thematic streams:

  • Climate Finance
  • Carbon Pricing and Emissions Markets
  • Climate Technologies

The Climate Finance Stream will address all those issues by bringing together experts and leaders who will discuss developing countries' investment needs, flow of capital and know-how from developed countries. Rules, regulations, market and financial instruments that will help to mobilize resources at the scale needed will also be presented and discussed with the audience.

The Emissions Markets and Carbon Pricing Stream will cover various discussions on markets models, carbon pricing, regulatory environments and the impact of an international agreement on the price of carbon. Experts from around the world working on the topic, international negotiators and private sector leaders will share their ideas, opinions and experiences during Carbon Expo.

The Climate Technology Stream will present the technology solutions to follow a low carbon growth path, showcasing industrial products and innovations and discuss the diverse paths innovators are taking to achieve the climate change goals while keeping their businesses growing.

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