More than six million people die prematurely each year from health complications due to air pollution. Air pollution outdoors and inside our homes impacts our health through long-term exposure and causes near-term climate change, threatening the lives of future generations.

In an effort to raise awareness about this issue, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves partnered with World Health Organization (WHO) and the Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) for the official launch of the BreatheLife2030 campaign. An effort to mobilize cities and individuals to “protect our health and planet from the effects of air pollution,” the Alliance and its BreatheLife2030 partners hope to encourage others to provide examples of real-life solutions to address pollution.










BreatheLife2030 is a global campaign that combines public health and climate change expertise with guidance on implementing solutions to air pollution in support of global development goals. The new website is an interactive platform that functions to inspire action from its participants by allowing them to see how their own city’s air is impacting their health and the environment at large.










The campaign will work to create change through 4 different steps:

1) Connecting cities to share their best practices and demonstrate progress in their journey to meet WHO air quality targets

2) Increasing monitoring by working with municipalities to expand monitoring efforts

to keep citizens informed

3) Accelerating solutions by building demand for new solutions that work while simultaneously supporting municipalities in effectively implementing them in their own cities

 4) Empowering individuals by educating people about the burden air pollution poses to our health and  our climate