The Alliance launched the Enterprise Marketing Fund (EMF) earlier this year with a goal of driving demand for clean and efficient cookstoves. Designed to help enterprises reach more consumers with their marketing and communications efforts, the fund aligns with the Alliance’s efforts to contribute to a more systematic, coordinated, and inclusive effort to use communication to increase consumer demand for cleaner and more efficient cookstoves at scale.  The EMF is offered on a country basis, and we are pleased to announce the first round of awards to 11 organizations in Bangladesh, Guatemala and Kenya (the Alliance plans to launch the EMF in additional focus countries over the next year).

The main objectives of the grants are to improve/build brand recognition through designing and producing better collateral, and to conduct promotional campaigns via radio, live demonstrations, community level outreach, and other channels.  In all three countries, the enterprises selected for support will coordinate with the broader behavior change communication interventions taking place.

Below are the awardees in Bangladesh, Guatemala, and Kenya:


  • Eco Fuels Pellet Manufacture
  • Venus Stoves
  • Bangladesh Vision
  • Future Carbon Limited


  • Estufa Doña Dora
  • EcoComal
  • Soluciones Apropiadas
  • Ecostufas


  • Livelyhoods
  • Ecozoom East Africa
  • Consumer’s Choice Limited

EMF support averages $25k per enterprise, with accompanying capacity building services included as appropriate.  In some cases, EMF support may be combined with other Alliance grant mechanisms, as in Bangladesh this year where three of the EMF awards were combined with the Catalytic Small Grants program. 

The enterprises will have six months to implement their activities. Documenting and sharing lessons learned is a priority for the Alliance so stay tuned to learn more about the grantee’s plans and progress.