International standards can help both growing and mature sectors strengthen evaluation of technology performance and quality, support international collaboration and trade, and provide consistent goals to encourage innovation in the private sector.  Since 2014, experts from 44 countries have been collaborating to develop standards documents for the cookstoves and fuels sector as part of the ISO Committee for Clean Cookstoves and Clean Cooking Solutions (Technical Committee 285).  The typical timeframe for standards development is 2 – 4 years, and some of the TC 285 document are nearing the final steps before publication.

Two documents are currently open for review and ballot. Over the next few months national standards committees will be reviewing these documents, commenting, and voting on approval for publication. The specific dates for the open ballot periods are listed below.

1.Draft International Standard 19867-1 – Harmonized laboratory test protocols – Part 1: Standard test sequence for emissions, performance, safety, and durability

This document has methods, metrics, and reporting guidelines for emissions, efficiency, safety, and durability.  This document has been shared with countries that are members of TC 285 for a 2 month translation period (28 May – 28 July) and a 3 month ballot for voting and comments (28 July – 20 October 2017).  If the approval criteria for the vote is met, the document may be published.  If the approval criteria is not met, the document would undergo another balloting period.

2.Draft Technical Report 19867-3 – Harmonized laboratory test protocols – Part 3: Voluntary performance targets for cookstoves based on laboratory testing

This document includes voluntary performance targets (tiers), a method to develop country-specific tiers, and background on the potential relationship and uncertainties between cookstove and fuel performance and various impacts.  This document was initially part of 19867-1, but the content has been moved to its own document to facilitate future updates.  The ballot period for this document ends on 15 August 2017, and if the approval criteria for the vote is met, the document may be published.

For more information about how to sign up to participate in TC 285 or a national standards committee visit this webpage.

There are a few additional documents that will be opened for ballot within the next few months.

  • Draft Technical Report 21276 – Terms and Definitions
  • Draft International Standard 19879 – Guidance on field testing methods for cookstoves

The next in-person meeting for TC 285 will be held on 30 October – 3 November 2017.  TC 285’s Working Groups will have time to work on the draft documents and discuss comments from national committees.  This meeting will also include TC 285 plenary sessions to discuss the overall progress of the committee’s work and future priorities.  Participants at this meeting are determined by your country or your organization (for TC 285’s international liaison organizations). Participants should registered as an expert in at least one of TC 285’s Working Groups or be nominated to be on your country’s delegation to the meeting.  Please contact your national standards organization with questions about becoming a working group expert or delegation member.  There may be limited for travel support to attend this meeting.