The Global Alliance is releasing a Call for Projects to provide capacity building support to enterprises specifically focused on efficient biomass fuel supply chains. The Call for Projects is specifically for higher performing fuels and enterprises, performing at Tier 2 or better for efficiency, indoor and total emissions. “Efficient biomass” would include projects such as processed biomass and biomass-based ethanol.

The Global Alliance’s partner, ENEA Consulting, will perform a combination of desk and in person support to the selected enterprises, working with them to identify their fuel production potential to help them set strategic targets. Between 3-5 fuel enterprises will be selected to receive this capacity building support. The work will be conducted over a period of 5 months from August – December 2016.

The Global Alliance’s strategy around fuels is to work with partners and sector experts to improve utilization of biomass as well as strengthen supply chains and markets for cleaner fuels over time. Supporting greater capacity, more efficient production, and distribution of optimized biomass fuel sources will help fuel enterprises overcome market barriers to scale, strengthen their business models, as well as influence government and investor support for more efficient and cleaner cooking fuels. It will also enable local populations to access cleaner fuels for household energy use, helping to reduce the adverse and devastating health, gender, livelihood, and environmental impacts that result from cooking over open fires, burning solid and unprocessed biomass, and using traditional cookstoves.

More details on the Call for Projects is provided in the attached RFP avalable here:

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Any questions regarding the Call for Projects should be submitted to Seema Patel at

The final date for submission of application materials is 10.00 pm EST, July 28th 2016.