Who we are?

Xunda is a close partner of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (Alliance) and has participated in almost every international Alliance event. We recently won a procurement contract with the Chinese government to support distribution of clean cookstoves in Myanmar. This development was one of the major outcomes in the Myanmar President – Chinese Premier Minister agreement in 2014. As part of this success, Xunda is committed to facilitating collaboration between international manufacturers within the global supply chain. Xunda is currently working with the Alliance and the Chinese government to explore a “South-to-South” approach to mobilize resources, enable technology transfer, and provide capacity building for the global clean cooking sector.

What do we believe in?

Xunda prides itself on its tradition of technological innovation. Sincerity, and faith in unity, honesty, and trust in management is part of our operational philosophy. We commit to this philosophy and to open collaboration, while promoting the highest standards of partnership, quality, and customer service delivery. In doing so, we implement every possible approach to protect the environment, while using techniques to maintain the quality of our products. Seeking a win-win with our business partners is our ultimate goal. In addition, we meet the needs of customers by driving innovation and striving for excellent quality and service.

What have we achieved?

The Xunda Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Xunda) was established in 1984.  Over the past 32 years, Xunda has become one of the largest Chinese manufacturers in the gas appliance industry, exporting products to over 70 countries. Xunda has over 2,200 employees, eight subsidiary companies, and an annual sales revenue of 2 billion RMB. Xunda was the first Chinese gas appliance manufacturer to obtain ISO9001, ISO14001, and SA8000 certifications. R&D is a top priority for Xunda, as we currently own more than 200 patents. With decades of experience, Xunda has grown to specialize in manufacturing a wide range of products from kitchen appliances—household gas stoves, biomass stoves, range hoods, ovens, steam cookers, and cookwares—to water heaters.