To explore the ways people are working to address air pollution issues around the world, BBC recently hosted a special series called “So I Can Breathe.” The week of programming featured stories on a broad range of ongoing interventions, with multiple stories on the importance of increasing access to cleaner and more efficient cookstoves and fuels.   

As part of the series, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves CEO Radha Muthiah was featured on BBC’s “The Food Chain,” where she discussed the challenge of convincing people to switch from traditional cooking methods to stoves and fuels that are better for health and the environment.

“Pollution that comes from solid fuel affects everyone in the household and it affects everyone in the community,” Muthiah said. “Smoke often gets released from people’s homes, and outdoor air pollution is significantly increased by indoor air pollution. In fact, in some countries up to 30% of outdoor air pollution comes from indoor air pollution.”

The series also spotlighted a program in Ghana that’s training young girls like Irene Ashangmor on how to use more efficient cookstoves and fuels to tackle pollution. The program, which is supported by the Alliance, is a partnership with the Ghana Girl Guides, who take the lessons they’ve learned pass the teachings on to their families.






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