As part of the Alliance’s work to help partners better understand the market landscape for cookstoves and fuels, final reports for the Guatemala Segmentation Study are now available on the Alliance’s website in both English and Spanish. 

The study closely examined key opportunities and challenges for uptake of LPG and improved wood stoves in Guatemala. The rich quantitative and qualitative data collected provided a deep understanding of current cooking habits and preferences and consumer perceptions of clean cooking products available in the market, and identified some key enablers and barriers to the adoption of clean cooking technologies. 

Available reports include:

Findings from the study are currently being used to design a behavior change communication campaign in two districts in Guatemala.  The goal of this pilot in Guatemala is to increase consumer awareness and understanding of the negative impacts of traditional stove and fuel use, as well as the value, availability, and performance of cleaner and more efficient solutions.  The campaign is set to launch in the second quarter of 2016.