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Radha's Message
Radha Muthiah

Dear Friends,

After seven years as CEO of the Alliance, I will be leaving my current role in early April.  It has been an immense privilege to work with you on this issue of clean cooking, and I plan to remain closely engaged with the Alliance as a Leadership Council member in the year ahead.  A search process for my replacement is nearing completion, and we expect a smooth transition to the new CEO, who is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.


Thanks to your support, we have built incredible awareness and engagement around this issue, with more than 1,800 active partner organizations, enterprises and governments working on clean cooking. We have also helped drive the research, standards development, and innovation that are improving both the quality of stoves and fuels available to the consumer, as well as the new business models that are ensuring affordability and distribution to all who are in need. I am also pleased that through our joint advocacy, the issue of clean cooking is now firmly entrenched in dozens of country climate plans and within multiple Sustainable Development Goals.


I have visited and engaged with partners in several of our focus countries in these last couple of months, but regrettably will not be able to see all of you in person.


A common thread throughout my career has been the opportunity to work on issues that have strong social, development, and climate impacts and to bring a blend of public and private approaches and investment to address them. After more than a decade on the international front, the next chapter in my career will be centered in the United States as President and CEO of the Capital Area Food Bank, headquartered in Washington, DC.  As the region’s largest organization working to solve hunger, The Food Bank is at the center of issues that relate to food security, nutrition and health.  I am excited to take on this new opportunity to bring the power of partnerships, technology and innovation to address hunger needs and to see food as a first step in ensuring healthier lives and more inclusive social and economic growth in the capital area.


With my warmest regards,

Radha Muthiah 

From the Alliance
Radha Muthiah steps down as CEO of the Alliance

Radha Muthiah will step down at the beginning of April. She will join the Alliance Leadership Council and work closely with the next CEO to ensure a smooth transition.

Cleaner fuels, healthier babies
New handbook to help fuel enterprises overcome challenges in the cooking fuel supply chain

Strengthening Fuel Supply Chains is the most recent addition to a set of tools developed by the Alliance to strengthen the cooking fuel sector. The handbook is designed to help fuel enterprises overcome common challenges and achieve scale and sustainability.


Alliance names awardees of clean cooking funds

The Alliance announced the winners of the Women's Empowerment Fund and Humanitarian Clean Cooking Fund, which aim to make the value chain more inclusive and increase access to clean cooking solutions for crisis-affected people.

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
From the Sector
Basic energy need makes for big market opportunity

Transitioning from traditional cooking methods to clean cookstoves and fuels could deliver $40 billion to $166 billion per year in net benefits.

gac17-09: Financing Report
Beyond Policy: How gendered interactions on the ground shape development

Viewing social and economic development as a series of interpersonal interactions can help us understand why development outcomes sometimes diverge from policy goals, and how gendered interactions shape social and economic development.

Colombia cuts import taxes on improved cookstoves


A VAT exemption on improved cookstoves signals a step towards expanding a market with efficient cooking that protects environment and improves health.

gac17-09: Congo Charcoal
Clean Cookstoves Association of Kenya calls on government to incentivize uptake of clean cookstoves

Tax incentives are expected to help spur uptake of clean cookstoves in Kenya, enabling greater affordability and consumer adoption.

Partner Spotlight: Project Gaia
Partner Spotlight
UN Women DRC

UN Women DRC works with government agencies, multilateral partners, and community service organizations to commit to advancing gender equality by including women’s access to clean cooking solutions into their agenda.

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