Since its launch in 2010, the Alliance and its partners, a diverse group of more than 1,650 enterprises, governments, non-governmental organizations, and global organizations, has worked to transform a historically fragmented sector into a dynamic industry poised for scale. This partnership is supporting the sector’s work to overcome the barriers to widespread adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels through a strategy of strengthening supply, enhancing demand, and creating an enabling environment. To this end, the Alliance developed a 10-year three-phased market-enabling strategy to prove the market-based approach.

While phase 3 will continue the work conducted under phases 1 and 2, the Alliance has defined phase 3 as the appropriate time to focus on supporting the sustainability of the clean cooking sector. To this end, the Alliance values input from our partners to help enhance our phase 3 planning and implementation efforts.

We Want to Hear From You

Partner feedback is a vital aspect of the Alliance’s efforts to define phase 3 and the vision for sector sustainability. As part of the transition, the Alliance is inviting partner input to enhance phase 3 planning and implementation efforts. If you are interested in contributing your voice to these efforts, please provide your feedback to  Below find some sample questions to help guide your responses.

Questions for Discussion

  1. Describe your understanding of the Global Alliance Secretariat and its role in helping to mobilize the cookstoves and fuels sector. 
  2. Has your work to grow this sector/market been aided by the Alliance Secretariat?  If yes, please provide one or two concrete examples. 
  3. Suggest one or two Alliance areas that you believe would be of greatest help to your organization during Phase3.
  4. What areas of Alliance engagement do you feel add less value to your work?
  5. Suggest one area for Alliance engagement in the next three years that you feel would best support the broader cookstoves and fuels sector.

To Learn More About Recent Accomplishments of the Sector and the Alliance

Please refer to our 2016 Progress Report: Key to Achieving Global Development and Climate Goals.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the partner phase 3 feedback process. We look forward to hearing from you.