Dear Friends,

It was a pleasure to kick off our work this year by engaging with partners at the ETHOS conference this past week. From updates on stove performance enhancements to discussions on how to incorporate clean cooking into carbon reduction programs, the discussions, both formal and informal, were productive and informative.  It was also a great opportunity to share firsthand the Global Alliance’s priorities for the year, and to gather important input from numerous partners as we prepare for the next phase of our work starting in 2018. 

Also this month, new evidence surfaced on the positive health and environmental impacts of clean cooking. The findings on health were particularly promising, as a study from Nigeria showed that switching from traditional biomass and kerosene cookstoves to cleaner-burning ethanol stoves may reduce high blood pressure in pregnant women. Impacts like these could deliver long-term benefits to both mothers and their children.

The research also continues to show that, to achieve the significant benefits that clean cooking can deliver, consumers must use their clean cookstoves and fuels consistently and correctly. As we look ahead, it’s critical we continue to focus not only on the technologies, tools, and supply chains, but also on the people who will be using their new stoves and fuels to cook their families’ meals.

While much work remains, our momentum continues to grow and I am confident that, working together, we can make clean cooking affordable and accessible to all.

Warm Regards,