Funding Model

How to Donate
Stuart Ramson for UN Foundation
Partners making commitments at the Cookstoves Future Summit, November 2014


The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves relies on grants and investments from governments, corporations, foundations, civil society, investors, and individuals to support its work to spur the adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels during Phase II (2015-2017).  While the November 2014 Cookstoves Future Summit raised significant investments for the sector to cover activities in Phase 2, the Alliance is seeking additional funding to ensure the successful implementation of its critical life-saving and life-changing work.

Donor governments currently provide the largest share of the Alliance’s annual program funding, however foundations and the private sector represent a growing share of the Initiative’s grant and investment resources. In addition, non-governmental organizations, the United Nations,  multilateral agencies, and the private sector also play a major role in supporting the Alliance’s advocacy, research, governance, and implementation efforts.  The Alliance also welcomes in-kind and non-cash contributions in furtherance of its programs.

For information on investing in the Alliance’s clean cooking programs, please contact us at or +1-202-862-6307.


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